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  • 6"x12" Eemco Cabinet Style Mill, 7½ HP
  • 6"x13" Farrel Cabinet Style Mill, roller bearing, 7½ HP, flip guides
  • 8" x 16" Bolling Cabinet Style Lab Mill, 15 HP
  • 10" x 24" Bolling Mill, unitized, cabinet style, 20 HP
  • 16"x42" Mill, direct drive, 75 HP, direct drive, unitized
  • 20"x20"x48" Bolling Mill, master gear, 100 HP, unitized
  • 20"x20"x60" Bolling Mill, master gear, 125 HP, unitized
  • 22"x22"x60" Farrel Mill, direct drive, 150 HP, autolube, unitized
  • 22"x60" Adamson Mill, direct drive, autolube, wrap around drive, 150 HP, unitized
  • 26"x26"x72" Farrel Mill, Lufkin direct drive, 200 HP DC, autolube, unitized
  • 24"x24"x84" Farrel Mill, direct drive 56:1 Linkbelt reducer, airbrake, autolube, 200 HP, soft start, unitized
  • 26"x24"x84" Farrel Drop/Sheeter Mill, direct Lufkin reducer, 200 HP, unitized
  • 26"x26"x84" Farrel Breakdown Mill, master gear & pinion, 1.08:1 ratio, 250 HP, corrugated rolls, unitized
  • 26" x 26" x 84" Bolling Drop Mill, ratchet roll adjustment, overhead mill blender, master gear, Bolling 24SB reducer
  • 26" x 26" x 84" Farrel Mill, direct drive, autolube, drilled rolls, 250 HP, unitized
  • 28" x 28" x 84" Farrel Mill, corrugated rear roll, build to suit
  • Spare Mill Parts
  • Rolls, frames, gears
  • Reclaim
  • 14" x 18" x 24" Farrel Refiner, 75 HP, unitized base
  • 19"x23"x30" Vaughn Fine Grind Cracker, direct drive, 150 HP, airbrake, unitized, rebuilt
  • 21" x 24" x 36" Bolling Primary Cracker, direct drive, 300 HP, unitized
  • 21"x24"x36" Comerio Fine Grind Refiner, 150 HP, unitized
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