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  • Lab Equipment - calibrated
  • (1) Scott/Mooney STI-200 Viscometer
  • (1) Lloyd Tensile Tester - 10,000# pull
  • Barwells
  • C-3 Barwell Preformer, rebuilt to order
  • Gear Reducers
  • Linkbelt roller bearing reducer, 195:1 ratio, 75HP @1800 rpm, parallel shafts
  • Hansen roller bearing reducer, 25.9:1 ratio, parallel shaft, 237 hp rated
  • Hansen roller bearing reducer, 23:1 ratio, parallel shaft, 237 hp rated
  • Lufkin roller bearing reducer, 36.2:1 ratio, model D912, 350 hp rated
  • Farrel roller bearing reducer, SRH302, 6.5:1 ratio, 382 hp, parallel shaft
  • Lufkin roller bearing reducer, 22.59:1 ratio, model D500CH, 900 input, 1110 catalog, 1.85 SF, 600 service
  • Farrel roller bearing reducer, 11.214:1 ratio, model FD39, compact drive, 815 catalog, new unused for #3D or F80
  • Farrel unidrive reducer, #11D/F270/F305, 22:1 ratio
  • Farrel unidrive reducer, #11D/F270/F305, 24:1 ratio

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